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Low cost product photos for websites and print


Cutout and lifestyle product photos

Our photo studio is fully equipped to allow us to capture stunning product photos that can be used for websites, print and anything else your business may require. We offer a wide variety of options including clean cutout photography against pure white backgrounds, through to pack shots and even building custom sets to capture product photos in lifestyle settings.

Product photography for ecommerce websites

We can capture both product and packaging photography shots for use on websites for ecommerce. For smaller items we can also offer 360 degree photography to capture your items from many angles. Images are generally provided with white or transparent backgrounds, or if you prefer we can also shoot against coloured backgrounds including pastels or greys.

How it works

  1. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to receive a free quotation for your product photography.
  2. Once you are happy then simply arrange for the product to be delivered to our studio via courier or pop over with them yourself if you are local.
  3. We will setup and shoot the products for you, firstly sending over a couple of samples to ensure you are happy with the direction.
  4. Once the product photo shoot is complete and we have done any post production work including retouching, we will email over the images for you to review and approve.
  5. Your products will then be carefully packaged back up ready for collection by either a courier or in person.
  6. Photos will be supplied to you in high resolution through our web portal, we can also provide a USB with the product photography included if desired.


Our photography costs are all based on an hourly rate of £50. On average we can shoot and edit around 4 images per hour which gives a low price of approximately £12.50 per image. Once we understand a little more about your specific requirements we are happy to provide a full quotation for your bespoke product photography.

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We'd love to talk to you and find out how we can help with your product photography, we are available on 01908 631 871 or drop us an email at


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Product photography portfolio

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Dress photography
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Sunglasses close up
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Energy drink with balloons
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Kids stationery selection
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