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Working with NT-Design

Agreement of terms & conditions

NT-Design will only proceed to act upon requests from clients once approval of the following terms & conditions has been confirmed by the client.

Provision of Materials & Copyright

All material supplied to NT-Design for inclusion in websites, printed material or any other media must be permitted for use by the owner of the copyright of such material. This includes photography, illustrations, music, text, videos and any other media required to be included. NT-Design can source royalty free media on behalf of clients if required or advise on sources for obtaining this media. Under no circumstances should material be supplied to NT-Design without the necessary permission for use within any work we carry out on your behalf. NT-Design reserve the right to reject content which we believe has not been sourced via the correct channels and licensed accordingly. By agreeing to these terms & conditions you agree to indemnify NT-Design from any claim which arises regarding the use of material with which you supply us. We reserve the right to use any artwork or printing we produce for the purposes of promoting our services unless you request otherwise in writing.

Printed material

For all printed material we require sign off for artwork ahead of printing. Once a client has approved artwork for print, our printers will be instructed to proceed. If changes are requested after this point we will attempt to make the correction ahead of the print process commencing but this cannot be guaranteed and may incur a cost from our printers to setup new printing plates to accommodate the changes. All costs will be the responsibility of the client if artwork has previously been approved for print. Print will only commence once these costs have been covered. Upon sign off of artwork and print commencing, NT-Design will under no circumstances accept responsibility for any errors, mistakes, spelling or other issues raised by the client. Every effort will be made to obtain the best possible colour reproduction on customer's work but because of the nature of the processes involved, NT-Design cannot guarantee an exact match in colour.


All quotes for work are valid for thirty (30) days, after which time all proposed work will have to be re-quoted. We take no responsibility for a re-quoted price differing from an original quote.

Illegal Matter

NT-Design reserves the right not to print or use any matter deemed illegal or offensive, or which may be an infringement of the proprietary or other rights of any third party.


Cookies and your privacy

What are cookies?

Cookies ares small packets of information saved to your computer when you browse a website. They then communicate with the website to assist your experience on the site or provide data to site owners on your interactions with the site (known as analytics). These data packets can also store information such as which items you have added to a shopping cart, or to remember if you have logged into a site for example.

A new EU cookie law states that websites should advise visitors of any cookies in use and gain consent to use these (unless they provide essential support to the site, i.e. the ability to add products to a shopping cart, in which case consent is not required).

For further information on cookies see

For further information on the new EU law see

What cookies do we use?

Our website uses an integrated PayPal shopping cart. This means that purchasing from our site will request a PayPal cookie(s) to be used for your session. The cookie(s) allows you to build a shopping basket with products then passes this information to PayPal when you are ready to checkout. The cookie(s) is required for you to make a purchase from us on the website, however the cookie(s) and its content are owned and controlled by PayPal. The use of the cookie(s) does not require visitors consent as its needed for the site to offer transactional purchases.

We also use Google Analytic tracking code to monitor visitor engagement with our site. Currently any interaction with our site will trigger Google to deploy a cookie(s) to your computer and track your progress through our site. Google Analytics is reportedly used by 57% of the 10,000 most popular websites and to date it is unclear on how Google recommend obtaining consent at site level to track visitor engagement, so for now all we can do is advise you that we use this system along with many other websites. Data collected and stored in the Google cookie(s) is owned and controlled by Google. For more information on Google Analytics and the cookies used by the system please see

For more information on Google Analytics and EU Cookie law see

What do we do with your data?

NT-Design does not have direct access to the data stored and collected via the cookies in use on this site by the 3rd party vendors PayPal and Google. The PayPal cookie(s) simply allow transactions and we will receive a confirmation from PayPal upon a successful purchase from our site. Placing an order with us will trigger PayPal to supply us with your standard contact details including your address and phone number registered with PayPal. We would not receive any information around your payment details, PayPal login details or any other data outside of your standard contact details. The information we do receive is then only used to contact you relating to your order and would under no circumstances be passed to any 3rd parties.

The Google Analytic data from the cookie(s) is fed into the Google system and again we do not have direct access to this but we can see in Google's tools how customers engage with our site. This data is anonymous to us and simply provides us with data to help improve our site in the future.

Please contact us with any questions and we will do our best to help.

Last updated June 2014.


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