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Freelance UX/UI services in Milton Keynes

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UX research, design and testing

If you are looking for support with the User Experience (UX) of your website, app or digital product then we would be happy to help.

Our experience covers everything from researching data to understand your customers, competitors and how your existing products are performing, through to a full UX design service with prototypes and testing.

Our UX design process starts with wireframing up solutions to build rapid options for testing with customers. These wireframes can be quickly turned into interactive prototypes that can be used for online or offline testing which we will carry out on your behalf.

Once the UX designs are in a great place we can start to look at the User Interface design (UI).

We offer UX design on a freelance basis at a great value rate of £50 per hour.


UI design

The user interface design is created using any existing company branding that you have and developed to be optimised for digital platforms like websites and apps. We also ensure that the UI is accessible to all users be ensuring that font sizes, colour contrast and the size of click areas (along with many other things) meet the required standards.

We offer UI design on a freelance basis at a great value rate of £50 per hour.


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